Definitions of open science

In this post you`ll find some definitions twiddling around the term „Open Science“. It`ll be completed over time. Let`s start with some finds. First useful source I found is Here is given a definition of the term “open” with respect to knowledge, participation, and interoperability. Some similar contents can be found at Wikipedia in posts named the Open Source Definition, the Free Software Definition and the Definition of Free Cultural Works.

„Knowledge is open if anyone is free to access, use, modify, and share it — subject, at most, to measures that preserve provenance and openness.“ (

Further I found an „Open Science Taxonomy“ which describes relevant concepts of Open Science by means of an infographic. Some terms are missing, but it`s a good start into the matter. It splits Open Science into the terms: Open Access, Open Data, Open Reproducible Research, Open Science Evaluation, Open Science Policies and Open Science Tools.

The Handbook CoScience describes processes of knowledge co-creation. The book is written in german and was produced during a book sprint in 2014. Perhaps there are some newer publications? Please tell me, if you find some. Some other processes of co-creation in science can be found in the following infographic. It`s from 2013. The tools aren`t up-to-date, but the process may still be useful.

Also Mozilla with its Open Science Lab is at it and provides ressources to Collaboration Tools, Community Building, Open Communications, Project Planning, Coding and Open Data. The findings out of a call concerning Research Data Reuse show, that there haven`t been so many cases as expected and the researchers are still seeking for answers.

The internet is full of ressources. And, i guess, hourly new ones will accrue. Perhaps it would be possible to write a Ph.D. only by curating all the sources which will arise. Just kidding. 😉


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