Open Science: my heart affair

Long time ago, I wrote my last blogpost. Meanwhile all sorts of things happend, some lowly, some great. Life went up and down, but something remained: my big, big love to sciences.

Already middle 2015 I intended to write a doctoral thesis, but I had to change my subject several times. Now I`m fine, because I ultimately found it: Open Science. How funny, that I wrote a blogpost in march 2011 named „open science and gut instincts“. Since then, all aspects of openness began to grow in my mind.

But stop. When I think it over, it began much more earlier – in 2005 when I wrote six publications about „Content management with TYPO3“. Books of the open-source content-management system with up-to-date content hadn`t been available at that time. I had so many questions. And with every software release new ones came up. I started to research and found a community – a really friendly, cooperative open-source community.

I was impressed, what people can fulfill when they`re open and work together, completely self organized and constructive. They helped me  without claiming compensations. I only had to ask and someone answered offhandedly. I was in contact with many nations and learned al lot – not only about TYPO3. Perfect. A kind of „web 2.0.-feeling“ was born inside of me and it had a formative influence on my further personal enhancements. I wanted to know, how (online)communities work.

The next stage of construction was my first MOOC (Open Course 2011). Enthusiasm pur. Everything went so fast theese days. Then I discovered the  barcamps of the edu-community and there I met even more great people. From most of them I`ve learned lots of things.

To shorten it up a little: Wouldn`t I`ve experienced these great worlds of freely given knowledge, I guess I wouldn`t work at Hochschule Darmstadt now. It`s logically consistent that I`m going to write my thesis about community and about open practices. It`s an affair of the heart.

Open Science isn`t something to do on your own – it needs to be inter-disciplinary, inter-institutional and of course international. So I decided to write my further blogposts in english. I`m a little out of practice. So please… If you find some awful mistakes, tell me. 🙂


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